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Re: [patch] fix configure for powerpc altivec and spe

Why have you removed vec_callocr.o and vec_reallocr.o from the list of extra_objects for altivec?

Other than that, the patch looks fine.

-- Jeff J.

On 07/15/2013 08:06 PM, Janis Johnson wrote:
Builds of newlib for powerpc-none-eabispe and powerpc-none-eabialtivec
fail due to missing object files.  For each of those, additional objects
are needed but nothing is added to the makefile and there is no rule for
.c.o because the only defined source file is a .S.  It probably worked
at one time before many changes were made to the build machinery.

This patch moves the list of extra sources from configure to the
makefile, where they are defined with EXTRA_lib_a_SOURCES.  It also
fixes the name of one of the extra object files for altivec.

The patch includes the changes to and configure which were
regenerated using autoconf 2.68 and automake 1.11.6.

Tested with builds and light testing for powerpc-none-eabi,
powerpc-none-eabispe, and powerpc-none-eabialtivec.  OK?

Janis Johnson
CodeSourcery / Mentor Graphics

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