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[patch 1/3]: AndesCore (nds32) support

  On behalf of Andes Technology Co., I would like to contribute
support for the AndesCore families of CPUs to newlib/libgloss. NDS32
is a new high-performance 32-bit RISC microprocessor core. Here is a
brief introduction.
andes (nds32)
Manufacturer: Various licensees of Andes Technology Corporation
CPUs include: AndesCore families N7, N8, SN8, N9, N10, N12 and N13
Andes Documentation (link is

  For completeness of Andes nds32 GNU toolchain, we are going to
submit 'nds32' port for other three packages - binutils, GCC and GDB
in the same time.

  The correctness of 'nds32' port for newlib was verified by newlib
testsuite with nds32le-elf/nds32le-elf target GNU toolchains. (Testing
reports are enclosed.)

  For all generated files, an adequate version of autotools was used:
autoconf 2.68, aclocal 1.11.6, and automake 1.11.6.

  Here are three patches enclosed: (confirmed error-free to commit into cvs.)
[patch 1/3]: 0001-Add-nds32-port-in-newlib.-Provide-minimal-architectu.patch
[patch 2/3]: 0002-Add-nds32-port-in-libgloss.patch
[patch 3/3]: 0003-Add-machine-specific-code-for-nds32-port.patch

  Your reviewing is greatly appreciated.

Hui-Wen Ni

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