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ftruncate or chsize in newlib/libgloss?

I made a configure change to GCC recently so that I could build a
'bare-metal' GNU Fortran tool chain that uses newlib and libgloss.
I want to be able to test this configuration with the GNU simulator
but I currently get some test failures because newlib/libgloss does not
implement ftruncate or chsize (at least not for the MIPS system).  I
think the fix for these failures will be to either implement the needed
fortran functionality without using ftruncate or chsize or to just XFAIL
the failing tests in the Fortran testsuite but I wanted to check here
first to see if there is any interest in implementing either of these
functions in libgloss or alternatively if there are good reasons why
we don't want either of these functions in libgloss.

I see that libgloss/syscall.h has:

* These should be as small as possible to allow a port to use a trap type
   instruction, which the system call # as the trap (the d10v for instance
   supports traps 0..31).

Which is why I think we may not want ftruncate or chsize in libgloss
but I want to verify if this is still the case.

Steve Ellcey

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