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Re: [PATCH] Fix potential reent issue

W dniu 2013-06-23 21:40, Federico Terraneo pisze:
On 06/23/2013 07:53 PM, Freddie Chopin wrote:

Wouldn't it be cleaner/simpler to use "_REENT" symbol (which is
either "_impure_ptr" or "__getreent()") in place of faulty uses of

The problem is that when _REENT_ONLY is defined, _REENT does not get
defined (look at sys/reent.h). I think it's this fact that caused the
faulty use of _impure_ptr, but if the definition of _REENT is enclosed
in an #ifndef _REENT_ONLY, there's probably a reason.

Yes, you're right...

Looking at repo history it seems that the _impure_ptr solution was older, then - 11 years ago - the one using _REENT was added, but the old variant remained unchanged for years.

It seems to me that the "right" solution for _REENT_ONLY build would be to undefine stdin/stdout/stderr - delete the offending lines using _impure_ptr...

If that solution is not feasible then your approach is probably the best one.

BTW - I've CCed the list, you probably forgot about that.


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