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Re: [PATCH] Reduce RAM usage of floating point conversion functions

W dniu 2013-06-10 11:12, Federico Terraneo pisze:
I did think about that, but this moves 256 bytes of .bss to 256 bytes
of .rodata, i.e. it would take up that amount of FLASH on a
microcontroller, and the table is mostly filled with zeros, which
still seems a waste.
Here is a patch that goes in that direction:
defined, the table is still replaced with a function, otherwise the
table is made const (but not static, since it's used also in another
file). In this way in both cases 256 bytes of RAM are saved, and in
the former also 256 bytes of FLASH.


But one thing - is the patch correct? You define a macro __check_hexdig(), and in the code you use __get_hexdig(), which I cannot find.

BTW - could you check what's the size of the new function you introduced (__hexdig_fun())? If it's not smaller than this 256B array than this is not a size optimization (;


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