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Re: [patch] ARM: Memcpy for armv7m/armv7em

On 03/06/13 07:07, Joey Ye wrote:
> Memcpy in assembly tuned for ARM Cortex-M3/Cortex-M4, with tremendous
> speed-up comparing to C implementation. For aligned copy it is 45% faster in
> average. For unaligned copy it is up to 8x faster.
> Tested on Cortex-M3/Cortex-M4 boards and qemu. No regression.
> OK to newlib trunk?
> ChangeLog:
> 2013-06-03  Joey Ye  <>
>      memcpy for armv7m/armv7em.
>      * libc/machine/arm/ Add dependence.
>      * newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy-stub.c: Exclude armv7-m/armv7e-m.
>      * newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy.S: Include architecture specific
>      implementations. Original file renamed to ...
>      * newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy-armv7a.S: ... this. Remove architecture
>      check.
>      * newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy-armv7m.S: New.

Thanks, is a generated file, built from; so I've updated the
patch and committed it.  ChangeLog tweaked to:

	* libc/machine/arm/ (MEMCPY_DEP): New define.
	($(lpfx)memcpy.o, $(lpfx)memcpy.obj): Depend on MEMCPY_DEP.
	* libc/machine/arm/ Regenerated.
	* newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy-stub.c: Exclude armv7-m/armv7e-m.
	* newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy-armv7m.S: New.
	* newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy.S: Replace with wrapper code.  Old
	code moved to ...
	* newlib/libc/machine/arm/memcpy-armv7a.S: ... here.  Remove 
	redundant architecture check.

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