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Re: problematic document for isascii(3)

On 05/24/2013 02:23 AM, ntysdd wrote:
> The POSIX wording seems strange to me.
> It says:
> `The isdigit() and isdigit_l() functions shall test whether c is a
> character of class digit in the current locale, or in the locale
> represented by locale, respectively.'
> But the ansi draft says:
> `The only functions in $4.3 whose behavior is not affected by the
> current locale are isdigit and isxdigit .'

At the moment, both wordings are technically true, because POSIX also
requires that regardless of locale, exactly 10 characters qualify as
class digit (no matter how many other characters in the locale have
digit-like properties).

There's a pending bug asking the C committee whether they have a bug in
their standard regarding which characters belong to which character
classes; the resolution of that bug may impact future POSIX wording:

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