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Re: Problem with building PDFs

Looking briefly at swscanf.c, can the o+ and o- not be changed to O+ and O- respectively as is done further on in the RETURNS section? I imagine you didn't see an error there or would have changed them as well.

-- Jeff J.

On 04/28/2013 01:06 PM, Freddie Chopin wrote:

A small info for future generations (and myself if I forget). The
problem I had is found in 5 places where exactly this sequence is present:



(there may be multiple blank lines between "o-" and "RETURNS")

I don't know what the right solution is, but I found that putting a dot
in between these two solves the issue for me, so sth like this works:


The dot is not visible in the PDF file (it's not there), so it changes

I believe that this may have sth to do with texinfo 5 - to do my tests I
had to do "make info pdf" and it fails (with multiple errors), but
eventually it creates .def files needed for make pdf. Many projects
(gcc, binutils) had many problems with recent upgrade to texinfo 5...
Actually there's one thing I had to fix in newlib for the rest of
process to work - I'll send that in another message.

I attach a patch with the "fixes", but it's just for reference - I don't
think it's the right solution.


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