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Re: atexit() stuff in thread-local reent?

On 04/27/2013 07:52 AM, Sebastian Huber wrote:

currently the struct _reent contains some atexit() stuff:

struct _reent {
   /* atexit stuff */
   struct _atexit *_atexit;
   struct _atexit _atexit0;

on PowerPC for example this accounts for 400 of 1088 bytes of the
structure.  From my point of view the atexit() stuff belongs to the
global state and is not thread-specific.  I think all atexit() related
functions (in __call_atexit.c and  __atexit.c, are there more?) use
_GLOBAL_REENT.  This is related to the possibly unused _wrapup_reent()
function.  Maybe we should introduce two structures.  One for the global
state (contains thread-specific state + atexit() stuff) and one for the
thread-specific state.  This might save 400 bytes (37% of current
_reent) per thread.

Instead, I might suggest that _atexit0 be removed from struct _reent and we simply declare a variable in reent/impure.c which is _global_atexit0 and add a define which is _GLOBAL_ATEXIT0. The __atexit.c can be changed to use _GLOBAL_ATEXIT0 instead of _GLOBAL_REENT->_atexit0.

-- Jeff J.

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