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Divergence from BSD sources, e.g. __GNUC_PREREQ()


I have some questions about the divergence from BSD sources. The background is that <sys/queue.h> is broken in Newlib since __offsetof() is undefined. I wanted to update the file in Newlib with the latest version from FreeBSD, but now some problems arise.

What is the purpose of <sys/cdefs.h> in Newlib? This file seems to be derived from BSD sources, but current BSD versions look quite different. For example last year the new macro __GNUC_PREREQ() was introduced in "libc/include/sys/features.h":

/* Macro to test version of GCC.  Returns 0 for non-GCC or too old GCC. */
#ifndef __GNUC_PREREQ
# if defined __GNUC__ && defined __GNUC_MINOR__
#  define __GNUC_PREREQ(maj, min) \
	((__GNUC__ << 16) + __GNUC_MINOR__ >= ((maj) << 16) + (min))
# else
#  define __GNUC_PREREQ(maj, min) 0
# endif
#endif /* __GNUC_PREREQ */

In FreeBSD we have a similar macro in <sys/cdefs.h>:

 * Macro to test if we're using a specific version of gcc or later.
#if defined(__GNUC__) && !defined(__INTEL_COMPILER)
#define	__GNUC_PREREQ__(ma, mi)	\
	(__GNUC__ > (ma) || __GNUC__ == (ma) && __GNUC_MINOR__ >= (mi))
#define	__GNUC_PREREQ__(ma, mi)	0

Why don't we follow the BSD development more to simplify code re-use?

The latest version of FreeBSD <sys/queue.h> uses __containerof():

It is defined in <sys/cdefs.h>:

 * Given the pointer x to the member m of the struct s, return
 * a pointer to the containing structure.  When using GCC, we first
 * assign pointer x to a local variable, to check that its type is
 * compatible with member m.
#if __GNUC_PREREQ__(3, 1)
#define	__containerof(x, s, m) ({					\
	const volatile __typeof(((s *)0)->m) *__x = (x);		\
	__DEQUALIFY(s *, (const volatile char *)__x - __offsetof(s, m));\
#define	__containerof(x, s, m)						\
	__DEQUALIFY(s *, (const volatile char *)(x) - __offsetof(s, m))

Any objections to:

1. Remove __GNUC_PREREQ in <sys/features.h>.
2. Add __GNUC_PREREQ__ in <sys/cdefs.h> like in FreeBSD.
3. Add __containerof() like in FreeBSD.
4. Update <sys/queue.h> with latest FreeBSD version.

Sebastian Huber, embedded brains GmbH

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