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Re: RFC: Fix for Mauve test gnu/testlet/java/awt/Canvas/

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> On Mon, 2011-09-26 at 17:32 +0200, Pavel Tisnovsky wrote:
>> I've made a simple patch for the Mauve test gnu/testlet/java/awt/Canvas/
>> This patch adds a small delay before computation of canvas size and its
>> absolute position on the screen is done. There's also added a test for
>> a color of a pixel located inside the canvas.
> Yes, looks fine to me. You probably always need a Robot.waitForIdle()
> after a pack()/show().
> Thanks,
> Mark

Hi Mark,

thank you for your review. I've found, that similar issue
should be fixed in some other tests. Fixes for such tests were pushed today:

2011-09-29  Pavel Tisnovsky  <>

        * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Button/
        * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Canvas/
        * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Checkbox/
        * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Choice/
        * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Label/
        * gnu/testlet/java/awt/TextField/
        Fixed these tests: added calling of robot.waitForIdle() method before
        all checks, added more accurate checking of pixel colors in some cases,
        comments for a new code.


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