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Re: Default compile of jdk1.0 & JDK1.1

I havent gone back to the history ( non-cvs ) of the file, but it would
just seem that it would be 'easy' to enhance a '1.1' test  by adding a
1.2 only feature. It just seemed to me, at this time without further
investigation, that the enhancement is the 'bug', and not u have
'featured' it.
thats all.
And i view it as just one more test lost to the JDK1.1 suite of things.

Tom Tromey wrote:

> >>>>> ">" == Uncle George <> writes:
> >> Just outta my curiosity, what would happen if someone tweaked a
> >> JDK1.1 pgm with 1.2 classes, and now that test refuses to work with
> >> a JDK1.1 compiler ? According to u, now these tests are marked for
> >> 1.2 only - and at a loss at 1.1 testing.
> I don't understand your question.
> If you really want a test to run under a 1.1 system, then you have to
> be careful to only use 1.1 features when writing the test.  That was
> not done in this case.  I fixed it in the most expedient way, given
> that I don't know anything about serialization and I don't have the
> time to investigate a real fix.  I'd welcome one, though.
> Tom

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