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Final CharacterTest

It last version for now - it tests all static methods in 1.1 Character
class. Of course it has a lot of controversial points - I was not sure
at what times I should use JLS, JDK or common sense. Current version is
mix of all 3, so do not kill yourself it you happen to encounter 1000
failed tests.

It is still stand alone version, but it should be converted easily into
mauve. I'll let somebody with cvs access do it. You should create
CharacterTest with unicode database as filename, set harness as instance
variables somewhere and change reportError( String s ) to harness.check
(false,s) and checkPassed() to check(true);

If somebody will do it, I promise to provide all further changes versus
both versions, or even only versus mauve one.
I hope that you will find my test useful. Now I will look at