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Re: StringBufferInputStream Tests

>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron M Renn <> writes:

Aaron> I converted my StringBufferInputStream tests and popped them
Aaron> into CVS.  Please look at them an comment.

The `test' method should not be `static'.  Also, you need a no-arg
constructor (if the testlet doesn't have any other constructor, the
implicit one is fine).

I've fixed these problems.

I've been writing ChangeLog entries for the changes I make.  I'd
prefer if everybody did this.

Aaron> Note that I am assuming that check(x,x) takes an extra String
Aaron> descriptive message as described earlier.

I've added methods along these lines.  They are just convenience
wrappers for the existing check methods.

Aaron> It appears that we also try to compile all classes in one big
Aaron> command line.  Is this wise? I'm wondering if this has
Aaron> something to do with my problem.

I don't know if it is wise or not.  On some systems, e.g. those with
command-line length limits, it is probably wrong thing to do.  Feel
free to fix this somehow, if you like.  I'm not particularly motivated
to do it myself right now...