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Debugging Tests

Hi, I'm starting to convert tests to the new framework and have some

First, when should we be calling debug() and when should we be calling
verbose()?  What is the standard information that should be sent to each? 
Is verbose() only for the harness and debug() for the tests maybe?

Second, each test can call check() multiple times it seems.  I'd like to be
able to pass a parameter to the check(x,x) variables that is a brief
description of what is being checked to allow more granularity in compiling
problems.  For example, when checking the values of several protected int
variables, it would be nice to specifiy which ones I am checking. So I'd
like to have methods check(x,x,String). Or some mechanism to provide a
similiar capability.

Just getting started so I'm sure there will be more. My plan is to convert
one test and have you guys take a look at it to make sure I'm not going off
in the complete wrong direction before I spend a bunch of time on the rest.

Aaron M. Renn (