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Re: Character test (incomplete)

>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Jones <> writes:

Brian> Perhaps a scheme where each test could register itself as an
Brian> i/o test or this or that (possibly multiple types) would be
Brian> helpful.  Then testing would be a matter of requesting all
Brian> tests of type X and Y be executed but none that are also part
Brian> of type Z.

I believe we already have this capability.  Each test can list its
requirements in its Tags line.  Then the `choose' script will omit
tests which don't match the tag list given it.

Brian> Anyway, it is clear that these different types need to be
Brian> enumerated so that individual tests can be appropriately
Brian> categorized, whether it is done in code or by filesystem.

Yeah.  Right now the only defined tags are related to version: JDK1.0,
JDK1.1, and JDK1.2.  Adding more tags is easy.  The hard part is
determining which tags are the ones we care about.