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Re: Character test (incomplete)

Godmar> What is newlib, if I may ask?  In what language is it implemented?

newlib is a C library implementation (in C).

>> This does mean that we'll have to "artificially" split tests along
>> lines according to these subsets, and not always along the most
>> natural functional lines.  I don't think this is a real problem
>> though.

Godmar> This again raise the question of how a given test is
Godmar> identified.  Right now, it's by invocation number, which, it
Godmar> seems, would make such splitting hard to do.

I just really don't want to have to write a description for every
test.  It just seems like a pain to me.

I'm willing to go along with everybody if the consensus is against me,

Godmar> See also my comments about the Thread.interrupt tests.

I read this.  It struck me that this kind of checking isn't required
for the large majority of tests.  I'd rather see the thread test
itself implement the machinery it needs to run reliably.

This can be put into a helper file if several tests require similar
functionality, now that Anthony wrote the "Uses" code.