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Re: Character test (incomplete)

Artur> file

I ran this against libjava.

It found a couple bugs in libjava (we implemented the deprecated
methods incorrectly, and we didn't compute the titlecase of a
titlecase character correctly).  So it has already helped -- thanks.

I still have some divergences.  The ones I've looked at all appear to
be bugs in the test code, and not libjava.

For instance, the program reports this:

Character 00AA:FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR incorectly reported as not-lowercase

However, this is incorrect.  The Java Class Libraries book says that
isLowerCase() returns true if and only iff:

  * ch < 0x2000 or ch > 0x2fff
  * Unicode does not specify a lowercase mapping for ch
  * Unicode specifies an uppercase mapping for ch, or the Unicode name

However, you can see that #3 does not apply for this character from
the Unicode table entry:

    00AA;FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR;Ll;0;L;<super> 0061;;;;N;;;;;

(The last 3 fields are the case mappings.)

for all the details on how the methods are specified.

I believe all the other libjava tests represent failures in the test
code, but of course I haven't checked them all.  A quick glance seems
to indicate they are all upper/lower test failures.