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Re: Character test (incomplete)

Godmar Back <> writes:

> > At some point we need to figure out a set of tags that can be used to
> > describe "interesting" subsets of the full class library
> > functionality.
> > 
> > For instance, we're going to want a way to avoid running any test that
> > uses floating point (because we'll be able to build an FP-less
> > library).
> > 
> > Likewise for threads.
> > 
> > Maybe Unicode support is a candidate for this.
> I agree, this seems to be very useful.
> Would probably be useful for TVT too, as they have instances where Kaffe
> is configured filesystem-less, for instance.
> > 
> > This does mean that we'll have to "artificially" split tests along
> > lines according to these subsets, and not always along the most
> > natural functional lines.  I don't think this is a real problem
> > though.
> > 
> This again raise the question of how a given test is identified.
> Right now, it's by invocation number, which, it seems, would make
> such splitting hard to do.

Maybe even though it is natural to place tests into files like
CharacterTest for java.lang.Character it is unwieldly when we want to
have multiple predefined test 'types'.  

Perhaps a scheme where each test could register itself as an i/o test
or this or that (possibly multiple types) would be helpful.  Then
testing would be a matter of requesting all tests of type X and Y be
executed but none that are also part of type Z.

Anyway, it is clear that these different types need to be enumerated
so that individual tests can be appropriately categorized, whether it
is done in code or by filesystem.

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