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Re: Character test (incomplete)

Artur> 2) I'll convert it when it will be ready and working - until
Artur> then it is easier to debug it in this form

That's interesting.  How can we make it easier to write tests using
the framework?

Artur> For example isJavaLetter(char) method. It clearly states that
Artur> that it returns true for letter, '$' or '_'. But at the same
Artur> time it is deprecated by isJavaIdentifierStart(char), which
Artur> returns true for ANY currency symbol or connecting character.

Ideally I'd like this test to be a separate test file.  Actually, I
guess I'd like each method test to be a separate file.

I don't see this particular case as a big problem, though.  The
isJavaLetter method has a definition but is deprecated.  We'd put it
in a separate file so that an implementation that doesn't implement it
(or doesn't implement it correctly) can simply ignore it.

Artur> Try running test agains any JDK. I have no clue what correct
Artur> bahaviour of these should be - besides obvious errors there are
Artur> one that require interpretation of wording of javadoc.

Feel free to mention ambiguities.  Perhaps we can work out what we
think ought to happen.  Or perhaps we all implement them the same way