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Re: Character test (incomplete)

>>>>> "Godmar" == Godmar Back <> writes:

Godmar> Are classpath & libjava implementing their own conversion &
Godmar> output routines for floating point numbers?

libjava does.  As I recall, we took our implementation from newlib.

Godmar> About the beans stuff: does this really test java.beans or
Godmar> does it test certain properties of the specific classes (like
Godmar> java.lang.Object) that are used as test cases?  If the latter,
Godmar> placing the test in java.beans might be misleading.

I added these tests, but I don't have a clue about what they are
doing.  I just took them from Classpath to see how hard it would be to
convert their tests to this framework.  If these tests are broken, we
should fix or remove them.

Godmar> Oh, and Kaffe fails those parts of the Unicode stuff which
Godmar> requires unicode tables; this is not yet implemented.  This
Godmar> seems to be pretty separable, I might use steal classpath's
Godmar> implementation for my personal use should that ever become a
Godmar> necessity for me.

At some point we need to figure out a set of tags that can be used to
describe "interesting" subsets of the full class library

For instance, we're going to want a way to avoid running any test that
uses floating point (because we'll be able to build an FP-less

Likewise for threads.

Maybe Unicode support is a candidate for this.

This does mean that we'll have to "artificially" split tests along
lines according to these subsets, and not always along the most
natural functional lines.  I don't think this is a real problem