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Re: Character test (incomplete)

Artur wrote:
> 1) I cannot check out latest mauve (cannot connect to cvs server)

Can you give me details?  (is it a cvs issue, or networking issue?)  I
think if might be a good idea to make nightly tar-balls.  Does anybody
think this is a bad idea?

> 2) I'll convert it when it will be ready and working - until then it
> is easier to debug it in this form

Ideally the simple framework supplied with the Mauve testsuite is
suitable for both (a) developing new test cases and (b) running the
entire suite.  Do you have any suggestions for making (a) any easier?
It is, perhaps, a little tedious having to give the testlet names as
standard-in.  Maybe we could support both standard-in _and_ command
line args?

I think Godmar has run the testsuite against the Kaffe implementation
(is that right?), but I don't know if he had to do anything special to
the make files in order to get it to run.

> For now it tests only few things, but I have already hit many, many
> problems. 

Which implementation are you testing against?  Just curious.


Anthony Green                                               Cygnus Solutions
                                                       Sunnyvale, California