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Character test (incomplete)
file and UnicodeData.txt.bz2(if you do not have it -
I have taken one from classpath).
This is just standalone test for now, because
1) I cannot check out latest mauve (cannot connect to cvs server)
2) I'll convert it when it will be ready and working - until then it is
easier to debug it in this form

For now it tests only few things, but I have already hit many, many

For example isJavaLetter(char) method. It clearly states that that it
returns true for letter, '$' or '_'. But at the same time it is
deprecated by isJavaIdentifierStart(char), which returns true for ANY
currency symbol or connecting character. I understand deprecation as
request for using new version, not as

 * JAVADOC description
 * @deprecated foo()  // - forget above description and read foo javadoc

What is the reason for putting old javadoc there which do not describes
what method does ?

Try running test agains any JDK. I have no clue what correct bahaviour
of these should be - besides obvious errors there are one that require
interpretation of wording of javadoc.
I'll not work on this test for few days, so if somebody happens to
implement some additional tests, please send them to me.