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Re: java.lang.Character testing

Tom Tromey wrote:

> Yeah.  However, JDK 1.0 explicitly uses Unicode 1.1.5 (this info is in
> the Java Language Spec book).  So your tests should probably tagged
> JDK1.1.
> Artur> I'm goping to use latest possible unicode data. If some lib do
> Artur> not implement it, then lib is out of date. Only thing that I
> Artur> think could be done is to change some errors into warnings -
> Artur> for example "'0xabcd' is defined since unicode z.y.z"
> I guess this would be nice if it isn't too hard to do. 

Maybe we can add -D flags for level of JDK we are testing ?
-Dmauve-jdk10=true -Dmauve-jdk11=true

I'm not sure if many tests would benefit because of it, as mostly there
are changes in api, that cannot be compiled versus previous jdks. To be
honest, best thing here would be a #ifdef preprocessor :)