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Re: java.lang.Character testing

Tom Tromey wrote:

> You probably know this, but Java's use of Unicode varies from release
> to release.  So make sure to mark the tests appropriately ...
Yes, I know, but I'm not sure if it is java standard or just sun's
JDK x.y uses unicode standard z. When new unicode update appears, new
JDK uses it (1.2 vs euro for example). But I don't think that java
standard specify which unicode you should use - and if it specify, it
has to be set, not vary from version to version.

I'm goping to use latest possible unicode data. If some lib do not
implement it, then lib is out of date. Only thing that I think could be
done is to change some errors into warnings - for example
"'0xabcd' is defined since unicode z.y.z"