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Re: Project Mauve: A Free Java Regression Test and Compatibility Package (fwd)

> Godmar> This is where I give up and think mauve needs either
> Godmar> improvement, documentation, or both.  How do I get mauve to
> Godmar> run a single test?
> echo '' | ./SimpleTestHarness ../mauve

 Assuming you have a file "SimpleTestHarness" somewhere (which I don't)
I do this instead:

> echo '' | java gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness .
FAIL: uncaught exception at number 1
1 of 1 tests failed
> echo '' | java gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness .
FAIL: (number 1)
FAIL: (number 2)
2 of 2 tests failed

And now it seems to have run the tests..., at least the output looks

One of my questions is still unanswered, though:  how do I find out
what exception was thrown?  

>From looking at SimpleTestHarness.runtest, there doesn't seem to
be a way.

How about adding a command line switch "verbose failure" that would print
the exception and the backtrace if a test fails with an exception?

	- Godmar