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Re: Project Mauve: A Free Java Regression Test and Compatibility Package (fwd)

Godmar> FAIL: uncaught exception at number 1

Godmar> I read the README file and try:
Godmar> gmake KEYS=java.beans.IntrospectorTest check

This precise invocation won't work.  This one ought to work:

	make KEYS='!java. java.beans.IntrospectorTest'

However, in this case the choose script wouldn't pick any default
tags, and so nothing would be chosen.  I've chnaged things so that the
default tags are "JDK1.0 JDK1.1".

Godmar> So I think maybe it's that SimpleTestHarness that you're
Godmar> supposed to use.  I read the main function and constructor and
Godmar> it appears to take a directory as av[0] and read names from
Godmar> stdin.  It says it's the source directory, so I'm guessing
Godmar> it's gnu/testlet.

No, it's the top level source directory.

Godmar> java.beans.IntrospectorTest			<- I type

You should type
See the FAIL message at the very beginning.

On the command line you specify just `'.  That is just a
command-line convenience.  The script adds `gnu.testlet' for you.

Godmar> FAIL: uncaught exception loading java.beans.IntrospectorTest: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/beans/IntrospectorTest

Godmar> Hmm, did I run the tests?

No.  `uncaught exception loading' means that Class.forName for the
testlet or the cast cast failed.

Godmar> This is where I give up and think mauve needs either
Godmar> improvement, documentation, or both.  How do I get mauve to
Godmar> run a single test?

echo '' | ./SimpleTestHarness ../mauve