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Re: Project Mauve: A Free Java Regression Test and Compatibility Package (fwd)

Godmar wrote:
>  So, I'm trying to use mauve some more and am thoroughly confused.  
> Instead of going through the shell scripts and finding out what's
> going on, I'm sending this mail --- should take the same time.  
> Please consider this user feedback.

The only way to do this now is to create a file, say mauve-beans,
which contains:

---- cut here ------------------------------------------------
# Config file that tells mauve about the `beans' tag.
---- cut here ------------------------------------------------

And run "make KEYS=beans check".  We're basically telling it to run
all tests with the JDK1.1 tag that aren't in java.lang, .io or .util -
leaving .beans :-)  

> /mauve) > java gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness gnu/testlet
> java.beans.IntrospectorTest			<- I type
> FAIL: uncaught exception loading java.beans.IntrospectorTest: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/beans/IntrospectorTest
> java.lang.Boolean.hashcode_Boolean		<- I type
> FAIL: uncaught exception loading java.lang.Boolean.hashcode_Boolean: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/lang/Boolean/hashcode_Boolean
> 2 of 2 tests failed
> Hmm, did I run the tests?

No. Try:

$ java gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness gnu/testlet            <- type this
FAIL: (number 6)
1 of 10 tests failed

But really, you should try the tag-file above.


Anthony Green                                               Cygnus Solutions
                                                       Sunnyvale, California