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Re: Project Mauve: A Free Java Regression Test and Compatibility Package (fwd)

 So, I'm trying to use mauve some more and am thoroughly confused.  
Instead of going through the shell scripts and finding out what's
going on, I'm sending this mail --- should take the same time.  
Please consider this user feedback.

When I say "gmake KEYS=JDK1.1 check", it tells me among other things:
FAIL: uncaught exception at number 1
FAIL: (number 1)
FAIL: (number 2)

So I want to find out what the failure is.  Let's run only the
IntrospectorTest, I think.

I read the README file and try:

gmake KEYS=java.beans.IntrospectorTest check

Hmmm, it says:

0 of 0 tests failed

So I try that tag file thing.  I create a tag file:

> cat mauve-t 

and use it:

> gmake KEYS=t check

It still says:
0 of 0 tests failed

So I think maybe it's that SimpleTestHarness that you're supposed to use.
I read the main function and constructor and it appears to take a directory
as av[0] and read names from stdin.  It says it's the source directory,
so I'm guessing it's gnu/testlet.

So I try:

/mauve) > java gnu.testlet.SimpleTestHarness gnu/testlet
java.beans.IntrospectorTest			<- I type
FAIL: uncaught exception loading java.beans.IntrospectorTest: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/beans/IntrospectorTest
java.lang.Boolean.hashcode_Boolean		<- I type
FAIL: uncaught exception loading java.lang.Boolean.hashcode_Boolean: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java/lang/Boolean/hashcode_Boolean
2 of 2 tests failed

Hmm, did I run the tests?

This is where I give up and think mauve needs either improvement, 
documentation, or both.  How do I get mauve to run a single test?

Secondly, if it says "uncaught Exception" --- as it did for the 
IntrospectorTest --- to find out what exception was thrown and not caught, 
can I just run the test (once I know how to do it), or do I have to go in 
and edit the test.


	- Godmar