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Re: Project Mauve: A Free Java Regression Test and Compatibility Package

Bernd Kreimeier <> writes:

> Tom Tromey writes:
>  > I believe we currently require GNU make, sh, a Java runtime, and a
>  > Java compiler.  It would probably be possible to get rid of the GNU
>  > make dependency.  I'm not particularly motivated to do it.
> There is a JavaMake ( and a JavaDepend
> separate projects, both listed at JavaDepend
> creates GNU Make dependecies, but it is easy to tweak
> it into satisfying the different syntax JavaMake uses.
> The one thing I am missing from JavaMake is a replacement
> for the UNIX find (I am using a simplistic Makefile that
> traverses the *.java source tree from the root), but for
> your purposes the existing operators might be sufficient.
> I was wondering - is there an org.gnu class hierarchy
> already? I guess that a lot of this stuff (make, depend,
> config maybe - how'd you do this in Java, getopt and 
> regex, bash....) might crop up over time, especially 
> when people want to deploy on Win32. It might be worth 
> considering dropping this into a good place and maintain
> them in a unified way?

I was talking to Paul ( about this the other day.  There
really has to be a place to maintain some sort of order in the gnu.*
or org.gnu.* hierarchy of java stuff.  There are already regex and
getopt implementations btw.  I'm not sure who fills this role or what
keeps track of it.  But, this is probably of interest to more groups
than are receiving this email.

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