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Re: Project Mauve: A Free Java Regression Test and Compatibility Package

>I was wondering - is there an org.gnu class hierarchy
>already? I guess that a lot of this stuff (make, depend,
>config maybe - how'd you do this in Java, getopt and
>regex, bash....) might crop up over time, especially
>when people want to deploy on Win32. It might be worth
>considering dropping this into a good place and maintain
>them in a unified way?

The GNU project is using simply "gnu." not "org.gnu" for its pacakges.
Trying to unify some of the various GNU Java programs and library packages
availabe is one of the items on my infinite TODO list, but it probably won't
happen soon.  At least not if I'm the one that does it.  I want to
concentrate on Classpath first.

Aaron M. Renn (