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Re: What are we testing ? (fwd)

>>>>> "Godmar" == Godmar Back <> writes:

>>>> harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\u202c'));

Godmar> That in turn means that Character.isIdentifierIgnorable should
Godmar> have returned true, but returned false, right?


Godmar> My JDK 1.2 spec, however, says:

Godmar>     0x200C through 0x200F join controls 
Godmar>     0x200A through 0x200E bidirectional controls 

Notice that these overlap.  A look at the Unicode standard reveals
that this is a typo in the JDK 1.2 spec.  It should read:

	0x202A through 0x202E  bidirectional controls

So the test case is correct.

Godmar> Also, I'd like tags better, like so:

Godmar>     harness.check (! Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('Z'), "check Z");
Godmar>     harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\u202c', "check 202c"));
Godmar>     harness.check (Character.isIdentifierIgnorable('\ufeff', "check no-break"));

Godmar> Then it would be easier to find the culprit, and one wouldn't
Godmar> have to infer how to count.

I don't want to have to type a description for every single test.
So far it hasn't really been a pain for me to find a failing test.