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Re: [PATCH 0/2] new gconv modules for digital TV encodings

thanks, they look largely straight forward.  unfortunately, i think most likely 
we're going to pass on them.  it's nothing personal ... we most likely won't 
accept any more gconv modules unless it's computing related (as vague as that 
sounds) and makes a strong case as being relevant.  a quick scan of our current 
modules shows they're all focused on encodings that were used historically 
(IBM/DOS/Windows/etc...) or active today (UTF8/etc...).  encodings used in 
broadcast tv don't really fall into these buckets.

my limited understanding of gconv is that the API isn't formalized either for 
external users.  since this area of glibc has settled down now, it might be 
nice to clean it up a bit and actually formalize it.  that'd allow people such 
as yourself to build and distribute gconv modules independently so others could 
at least benefit.  of course, we'd need someone to champion that work :).

i might mention the add-on route, but realistically no one builds glibc 
themselves anymore (they get it from their distro), so that wouldn't help.

the only other thought that comes to mind would be a "contrib" sort of thing, 
but i don't think the project wants that either.  if it's source included in the 
repo, then people are going to expect us to maintain it :(.

i'm sorry i don't have better news.

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