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Re: [PATCH v2] MIPS support for GNU hash

On Tue, 23 Jul 2019, Mihailo Stojanović wrote:

> Binutils patch hasn't been pushed upstream, but it was reviewed in [1].
> We are currently waiting on FSF to process the binutils assignment for
> RT-RK [2].

Then we should await that before considering this patch for glibc.

In my view, nothing should be entered as a candidate on a release blocker 
list unless the changes to all other relevant packages are upstream in 
those components *before the start of the release freeze* (as well as the 
glibc patch itself being essentially ready before the release freeze).

> > I presume the version 6 is to make room for the PT_GNU_STACK.
> Actually, the jump from 4 to 5 should have happened when support
> for absolute symbols was added to binutils [4], but it didn't, so I had
> to address that here.

Bug fixes should not be mixed with new features like this.

Rather, post a bug fix patch that updates the version for the absolute 
symbols changes *and adds a testcase to the glibc testsuite that fails 
without the patch* (if there's some reason it's hard to test, that needs 
to be adequately explained in the proposed commit message for the patch).  
Once that's gone through review and some version has been accepted, then a 
GNU hash patch building on top of it can be considered.

The fix relating to absolute symbols might be considered for backporting 
to whatever release branches have the relevant feature but without the 
update to ABI versions accepted, whereas GNU hash support is a new feature 
clearly not appropriate for such backporting.

Joseph S. Myers

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