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Re: [PATCH] elf: Add tests with a local IFUNC resolver [BZ #23937]

On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 4:53 AM Florian Weimer <> wrote:
> The existing tests all use global symbols (but with different
> visibility).  Local symbols could be treated differently by the
> compiler and linker (as was the case on POWER ELFv2, causing
> bug 23937), and we did not have test coverage for this.
> Tested on x86-64 and POWER ELFv2 little-endian, with and without
> --disable-multi-arch.  On POWER, the test cases elf/ifuncmain9,
> elf/ifuncmain9pic, elf/ifuncmain9pie reproduce bug 23937 with older
> binutils.
> 2019-02-20  Florian Weimer  <>
>         [BZ #23937]
>         elf: Add test with a local IFUNC resolver.
>         * elf/ifuncmain9.c: New file.
>         * elf/ifuncmain9pic.c: Likewise.
>         * elf/ifuncmain9picstatic.c: Likewise.
>         * elf/ifuncmain9pie.c: Likewise.
>         * elf/ifuncmain9static.c: Likewise.
>         * elf/Makefile [multi-arch] (tests-ifuncstatic): Add
>         ifuncmain9static, ifuncmain9picstatic.
>         * elf/Makefile [multi-arch && build-shared] (tests-internal):
>         Add ifuncmain9, ifuncmain9pic.
>         * elf/Makefile [multi-arch && build-shared && have-fpie]
>         (ifunc-pie-tests): Add ifuncmain9pie.
>         (CFLAGS-ifuncmain9pic.c): Add $(pic-ccflag).
>         (CFLAGS-ifuncmain9picstatic.c): Likewise.
>         (CFLAGS-ifuncmain9pie.c): Add $(pie-ccflag).

It isn't caused by your patch.  I am wondering why we don't run IFUNC
tests with --disable-multi-arch.  Multi-arch requires IFUNC.  Does IFUNC
require multi-arch?


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