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Re: Automating the maintenance of the ChangeLog file

On 11/21/18 10:00 AM, Siddhesh Poyarekar wrote:
> On 21/11/18 9:56 PM, Jeff Law wrote:
>> But the insanity of actually putting it into a ChangeLog file, dealing
>> with rebases/conflicts as a result is just silly, particularly when we
>> could just include the data in the commit message and have tools to
>> extract them from commit messages for those who find reading ChangeLogs
>> useful (such as myself).
> In addition to just the inconvenience of rebases in our own trees, the
> requirement of maintaining the file prevents us from using any sort of
> patch review tools because none of our commits correspond to any patches
> we send.  The patchwork deployment for glibc was effectively useless
> because of this; having to manually close out patches instead of them
> auto-closing on triggers is a major inconvenience.
Yup.  I'd like to see GCC moving to a model where there's a pull request
which is ack'd and the right things "just happen".  One less round trip
for a goodly number of patches would be helpful to everyone I suspect.


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