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Re: RISC-V glibc port v2

On Wed, 20 Dec 2017 09:40:43 PST (-0800), wrote:
On Tue, 19 Dec 2017, Palmer Dabbelt wrote:

Thanks to everyone who has helped review the patch set!  I believe we've gone
through all the feedback from the first patch set.  Sorry if we've missed
anything, but at this point I think it'd be best to re-submit it -- it's been a
long time since the previous patch set.

Apart from the points I've mentioned in comments on individual patches, as
previously noted you need a ABI baseline or baselines.  And
as previously noted a bits/environments.h header may be appropriate though
not required.  And you're missing libm-test-ulps / libm-test-ulps-name

I don't think we need a bits/environments.h right now, but I think we will need one if we're going to support ILP32 on RV64I-based systems. If I understand correctly, it's OK to add this file when we add the new ABI?

I'll add the libm-test-ulps* files, I just need to get the native test suite running to generate them.

Thanks for all the help! My plan is to go through the remaining feedback on the v2 and then submit a v3 when passes all the tests, which I think I'm pretty close to having done.

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