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Re: [PATCH] nptl: Add pthread_thread_number_np function

On Fri, 22 Dec 2017, Florian Weimer wrote:

> > As with any patch changing the installed pthread.h, the separate hppa
> > version of that header needs the same change applied.
> In the attached patch, I added <bits/pthread-common.h> to simplify this.  I
> verified that it is installed as $(DESTDIR)/usr/include/bits/pthread-common.h.

Since almost everything in pthread.h is common, I don't think it makes 
sense to have bits/pthread-common.h just for this one declaration.  
Rather, I think there should be e.g. bits/pthread-initializers.h, for 
which hppa would have a different version.

(If at some point Hurd libpthread gets merged in, it may be desirable to 
share as much as possible of the installed header declaring the API, and 
the testcases, between the two pthreads implementations, but for now it 
would be premature to try to distinguish between headers/tests for glibc 
pthreads and those specifically for the NPTL implementation thereof; Hurd 
people would need to take the lead on such refactoring at an appropriate 

Joseph S. Myers

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