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Re: [PATCH] New numbers in the benchtests.

On Wed, 20 Dec 2017, Patrick McGehearty wrote:

> The tgamma failures disappeared, giving strong support to Joseph's hypothesis.
> For x86, there is roughly a 5% performance cost which would be tolerable.
> Unfortunately, for Sparc, there is a 76% performance cost which is
> less tolerable. When Sparc changes the rounding mode, the instruction pipeline

But is presumably still better than the existing code (as you mentioned a 
5x improvement), so is a reasonable incremental step.

> 3) Define a macro either within e_exp.c or in an include file that selects
> get_rounding_mode and libc_fesetround for all platforms except x86.
> It selects SET_RESTORE_ROUND for x86.
> Putting platform specific macros inside ieee754 branch seems
> undesirable, but I thought I should mention it as a possibility.

The correct thing to do is as I said: add libc_fegetround, 
libc_fegetroundf and libc_fegetroundl to the large set of math_private.h / 
fenv_private.h libc_fe* macros.  All of these would default to using 
get_rounding_mode, but sysdeps/i386/fpu/fenv_private.h would, in the 
__SSE_MATH__ case, use the SSE rounding mode for libc_fegetroundf, and in 
the __SSE2_MATH__ case use it also for libc_fegetround.  Then you could 
use libc_fegetround where you previously used get_rounding_mode.

However, using SET_RESTORE_ROUND as an incremental step still makes sense 
before adding libc_fegetround* as an improvement on top of that.

Joseph S. Myers

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