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Re: [PATCH 06/17] Regex: Use re_malloc / re_free consistently.

Thanks, I have merged this in to gawk's version.

Paul --- I think that  you have permission to push the patches you approve
to glibc. Please do so.



Paul Eggert <> wrote:

> On 12/08/2017 01:16 AM, Arnold Robbins wrote:
> > This patch changes several calls to malloc/free into re_malloc/re_free,
> > bringing consistency to the code.
> Thanks, that patch makes sense, but it misses three opportunities to 
> bring consistency. regcomp.c has one call each to malloc and free, which 
> should be consistent too. Also, regexec.c has a call to realloc that 
> should be be changed to re_realloc. A minor formatting issue: one 
> newly-introduced re_malloc call doesn't need to appear on the next line.
> (Possibly we should be adding consistency in the opposite way, by 
> removing the macros re_free, re_malloc, and re_realloc, and simply using 
> the underlying C functions. These macros are tricky since they are 
> function-like but (aside from re_free) cannot be implemented as 
> functions, and they don't buy much. But that'd be a bigger change.)
> I installed the attached patch into Gnulib; it contains the originally 
> proposed patch 06/17 along with the abovementioned fixups. Something 
> like this should be easily installable into glibc.

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