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Re: [PING] [PATCH 00/17] Regex: Make libc regex more usable outside GLIBC


Thanks for cluing me into the discussion.

> As I understand it, Arnold's patches are against glibc. Arnold, would it
> be too much trouble to rebase them against gnulib instead?

Absolutely too much trouble. Sorry.

I think that most or all of the changes are in gnulib's regex, but
the gnulib regex has too many changes (Idx instead of int everywhere,
to name the main one) for me to be willing to try and figure it out.

I think it will be actually easier to merge my changes in and then
compare to gnulib, but that's up to you.

> I agree that syncing first with gnulib is the way to go.

Not in my humble opinion, but I'm not doing the work. (:-)

> Also, Arnold, I think you should be aware that glibc is coming up
> on a release freeze, so reviewers' time is going to be focused on
> higher-urgency stuff for the next month or so.  I will try to find time
> to assist with these patches but it won't be till January.

OK, thanks for letting me know what things are like on the glibc team.
I won't ping about this again until mid- or late January.

I do appreciate that the trend is to merge with gnulib; that will
ultimately be a good thing so I am encouraged by it.



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