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Re: [RFC] nptl: change default stack guard size of threads

On 12/19/2017 01:34 PM, James Greenhalgh wrote:

Option 1: 64k guard pages for LP64 on AArch64.

Option 2: 4k guard pages for LP64 for AArch64

Our proposal then, having spoken things through with the Arm engineers
here, and taken in to consideration the opinions on this thread, is that
we move to two "blessed" configurations of the GCC support for AArch64.

Are there any Arm engineers who prefer Option 2, or is that just there to accommodate feedback on libc-alpha?

My main concern was the variance in configurations with Option 1 (compared to Option 2). To some extent, the variance with Option 1 is temporary. If both Option 1 and 2 are offered, we have permanent variance. From my point of view, that's worth that just going with Option 1.

So if this is some sort of consensus proposal, as opposed to actual technical requirements which favor Option 2 in some deployments, I think that's not a good idea, and we should go with Option 1 instead.


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