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Re: glibc 2.27: two weeks left of active development

On 12/18/2017 09:35 AM, Palmer Dabbelt wrote:
> On Mon, 18 Dec 2017 09:31:22 PST (-0800), wrote:
>> I would like to remind anyone hoping to get a new architecture port (e.g.
>> ARC or RISC-V) into 2.27 that, while it may be possible for a port to go
>> in after the start of the freeze provided it's clear it can't affect
>> existing ports and there's still time to provide test results for the port
>> before the release, it's also likely that a port will require several
>> rounds of patch review and resubmission, and in particular the review
>> process ought to be well in progress before the freeze starts.  So please
>> submit any new ports you want in 2.27 as soon as possible.
> Thanks for the reminder.  I'll try to submit our port ASAP.

It's less about "ASAP" and more about "Do you think it's ready to go in
right now in 2.27?"

By submitting it for 2.27 you have the following consequences:

* You need to convince maintainers for review during a precious period
  of time when we're preparing the release and handling bugs.

* You need to have confidence your port is ready and you haven't made
  any real ABI mistakes. Any last minute mistakes that slip through
  will become permanent ABI artifacts for the port.

Instead if you submit your patches for 2.28 you have the following

* The good will of the maintainers who know they can review your
  patches with time, looking for ABI issues.

* Get the patches into 2.28 early, and allow for testing before
  the 2.28 release on August 1st 2018. This will iron out any ABI
  issues before release.

I have purposely slanted my bias in this explanation :-)


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