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Re: Update SPARC divrem generation to match output

From: Joseph Myers <>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 22:09:16 +0000

> While working on another patch I noticed that (a)
> sysdeps/sparc/sparc32/Makefile is the only place with special
> realclean settings, apart from po/, and (b) the generated files with a
> rule in that Makefile to generate them (using m4) had been patched
> manually so no longer corresponded with the output of the generator -
> so if the timestamps were wrong, a build would result in changes to
> the files in the source directory.  (They also didn't correspond
> because of changes in make 3.81 to how make handles whitespace at the
> start of a line in a sequence of backslash-newline continuation lines
> within a recipe.)
> This patch fixes the generation and output files to match.  The issue
> with make and whitespace at start of continuation lines is fixed by
> putting those newlines outside of arguments to echo, so the number of
> spaces in the argument matches the number in the existing generated
> files.  Then divrem.m4 is changed to avoid generating whitespace-only
> lines (my fix to the outputs from 2013; this fix to the generator also
> changes the indentation of a label in the output files) and to
> generate an alias in udiv.S (Adhemerval's fix from March).
> doesn't have a non-v9 SPARC configuration,
> because non-v9 32-bit SPARC didn't build when I set up
> but sparcv9 did build.  Whether or not non-v9
> 32-bit SPARC now builds (or indeed whether or not support for it is
> obsolete), I tested by removing the sparcv8 and sparcv9 versions of
> the four files in question, so forcing the generated files to be built
> and used, and the compilation parts of the glibc testsuite passed.

Looks good to me, thanks Joseph.

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