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Re: Remove --with-fp / --without-fp


On 12/12/2017 03:35 AM, Joseph Myers wrote:
This patch eliminates --without-fp, replacing it entirely by automatic
configuration based on the compiler.  Configurations for which this is
relevant (coldfire / mips / powerpc32 / sh) define a variable
with_fp_cond in their preconfigure fragments (under the same
conditions under which those fragments do anything); this is a
preprocessor conditional which the toplevel configure script then uses
in a test to determine which sysdeps directories to use.
Sounds reasonable to me. I could test that on PowerPC e500v2 which is
an architecture which requires glibc to be configured with "--without-fp"
to build.

I actually always wondered why this option had to be passed to configure
instead of just letting it check the build environment itself and configure
the option accordingly.


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