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[PATCH 01/17] Regex: Fix spelling errors / typos.

This patch fixes various spelling errors and/or typos in comments
in several files.

2017-11-27         Arnold D. Robbins     <>

	* posix/regex.h posix/regex_internal.c, posix/regexec.c,
	posix/regcom.c: Fix spelling errors / typos.

diff --git a/posix/regcomp.c b/posix/regcomp.c
index 81c2932..6bc4102 100644
--- a/posix/regcomp.c
+++ b/posix/regcomp.c
@@ -3433,7 +3433,7 @@ build_equiv_class (bitset_t sbcset, const unsigned char *name)
 	/* This isn't a valid character.  */
 	return REG_ECOLLATE;
-      /* Build single byte matcing table for this equivalence class.  */
+      /* Build single byte matching table for this equivalence class.  */
       len = weights[idx1 & 0xffffff];
       for (ch = 0; ch < SBC_MAX; ++ch)
diff --git a/posix/regex.h b/posix/regex.h
index 3f0d6ce..0074b8a 100644
--- a/posix/regex.h
+++ b/posix/regex.h
@@ -317,7 +317,7 @@ typedef enum
   /* POSIX regcomp return error codes.  (In the order listed in the
      standard.)  */
   REG_BADPAT,		/* Invalid pattern.  */
-  REG_ECOLLATE,		/* Inalid collating element.  */
+  REG_ECOLLATE,		/* Invalid collating element.  */
   REG_ECTYPE,		/* Invalid character class name.  */
   REG_EESCAPE,		/* Trailing backslash.  */
   REG_ESUBREG,		/* Invalid back reference.  */
diff --git a/posix/regex_internal.c b/posix/regex_internal.c
index 111231c..a97f703 100644
--- a/posix/regex_internal.c
+++ b/posix/regex_internal.c
@@ -1594,7 +1594,7 @@ free_state (re_dfastate_t *state)
   re_free (state);
-/* Create the new state which is independ of contexts.
+/* Create the new state which is independent of contexts.
    Return the new state if succeeded, otherwise return NULL.  */
 static re_dfastate_t *
diff --git a/posix/regexec.c b/posix/regexec.c
index a96d86d..95e31d3 100644
--- a/posix/regexec.c
+++ b/posix/regexec.c
@@ -266,7 +266,7 @@ compat_symbol (libc, __compat_regexec, regexec, GLIBC_2_0);
    If REGS is not NULL, and BUFP->no_sub is not set, the offsets of the match
-   and all groups is stroed in REGS.  (For the "_2" variants, the offsets are
+   and all groups is stored in REGS.  (For the "_2" variants, the offsets are
    computed relative to the concatenation, not relative to the individual
@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@ re_exec (const char *s)
 /* Searches for a compiled pattern PREG in the string STRING, whose
    length is LENGTH.  NMATCH, PMATCH, and EFLAGS have the same
-   mingings with regexec.  START, and RANGE have the same meanings
+   meaning as with regexec.  START, and RANGE have the same meanings
    with re_search.
    Return REG_NOERROR if we find a match, and REG_NOMATCH if not,
    otherwise return the error code.
@@ -849,7 +849,7 @@ re_search_internal (const regex_t *preg, const char *string, int length,
 	    goto free_return;
-      /* At last, add the offset to the each registers, since we slided
+      /* At last, add the offset to each register, since we slid
 	 the buffers so that we could assume that the matching starts
 	 from 0.  */
       for (reg_idx = 0; reg_idx < nmatch; ++reg_idx)
@@ -2365,7 +2365,7 @@ find_recover_state (reg_errcode_t *err, re_match_context_t *mctx)
 /* From the node set CUR_NODES, pick up the nodes whose types are
    OP_OPEN_SUBEXP and which have corresponding back references in the regular
    expression. And register them to use them later for evaluating the
-   correspoding back references.  */
+   corresponding back references.  */
 static reg_errcode_t
 check_subexp_matching_top (re_match_context_t *mctx, re_node_set *cur_nodes,

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