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Re: RFC: remove the "tile" architecture from glibc

On 12/04/2017 06:53 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> Thanks.  Obviously testing and fixing test issues makes sense at any time, 
> not just during the freeze - but it's during the freeze that we want 
> results posted, with the hope that they'll be reasonably clean at release 
> time (and then any remaining failures listed on the wiki page are a useful 
> guide to what's expected for other people building and testing for that 
> architecture).

I agree. I will do my best to help with that. I already tested a gcc-7 patch
which implements __builtin_trap() on SH which is necessary to get glibc to
build on SH with gcc-7.

>> I have already contacted the guy who has started with ia64 again on
>> Debian and warned him about the deprecation issue.
> And we need to find out if Mike Frysinger wishes to continue as ia64 
> maintainer or not.  Because if someone's listed as a maintainer but not in 
> fact reviewing or committing patches, it may be harder to get patches in 
> than if there's no maintainer, as other people will assume that the listed 
> maintainer will do the review/commit and so generally not get involved 
> with the architecture-specific patches (like that uncommitted 
> libm-test-ulps patch).

Good idea.

>> Yes, I'm aware of the LRA transition and this scares quite a lot. I don't
>> know whether I have the skillset to work on gcc, so far I have committed
>> merely one patch to gcc and that was only a small fix.
> The away-from-cc0 transition is a lot more involved than the moving-to-LRA 
> one, but only affects m68k (out of the glibc architectures).
> There are several glibc architectures with no LRA support in their GCC 
> ports at present, which may need such support added at some point in the 
> next few years to avoid deprecation: alpha hppa ia64 m68k microblaze 
> tilegx tilepro.

I think for hppa, there are John David Anglin and Helge Deller who are
very active. For alpha, there is Michael Cree who is Debian's alpha
maintainer. I don't know anyone for Microblaze.

For m68k, there is Andreas Schwab but I don't know whether he wants to
work on gcc itself. But there are many more people working on m68k,
it's a pity that none of them have worked on gcc.

>> a 4.14 kernel and glibc_2.25/gcc-7. I will run the testsuite for
>> glibc-master on qemu-m68k-system for now.
> Note there is at least one open bug for m68k glibc 
> <> concerning use of 
> fsincos instructions that are documented as inaccurate for large inputs.  
> I would not be entirely confident that emulators accurately reflect the 
> levels of accuracy or inaccuracy of such instructions in hardware.

I have real hardware running, so I can help with this issue. Thanks
for pointing me at the issue.


 .''`.  John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
: :' :  Debian Developer -
`. `'   Freie Universitaet Berlin -
  `-    GPG: 62FF 8A75 84E0 2956 9546  0006 7426 3B37 F5B5 F913

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