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Re: [PATCH] malloc: Remove check_action variable [BZ #21754]

On 08/30/2017 11:04 AM, Florian Weimer wrote:
> Clean up calls to malloc_printerr and trim its argument list.
> This also removes a few bits of work done before calling
> malloc_printerr (such as unlocking operations).
> The tunable/environment variable still enables the lightweight
> additional malloc checking, but mallopt (M_CHECK_ACTION)
> no longer has any effect.
> 2017-08-30  Florian Weimer  <>
> 	[BZ #21754]
> 	* malloc/arena.c (TUNABLE_CALLBACK set_mallopt_check): Do not set
> 	check_action.
> 	(ptmalloc_init): Do not set or use check_action.
> 	* malloc/hooks.c (malloc_check_get_size, realloc_check): Adjust
> 	call to malloc_printerr.  Remove return statement.
> 	(free_check): Likewise.  Remove arena unlock.
> 	(top_check): Update comment.  Adjust call to malloc_printerr.
> 	Remove heap repair code.
> 	* malloc/malloc.c (unlink): Adjust calls to malloc_printerr.
> 	(DEFAULT_CHECK_ACTION, check_action): Remove definitions.
> 	(sysmalloc): Adjust call to malloc_printerr.
> 	(munmap_chunk, __libc_realloc): Likewise.  Remove return
> 	statement.
> 	(_int_malloc, int_realloc): Likewise.  Remove errstr variable.
> 	Remove errout label and corresponding gotos.
> 	(_int_free): Likewise.  Remove arena unlock.
> 	(do_set_mallopt_check): Do not set check_action.
> 	(malloc_printerr): Adjust parameter list.  Do not mark arena as
> 	corrupt.

Should we update the documentation?

(a) manual/tunables.texi needs an update of glibc.malloc.check documentation
    to remove those values which no longer do anything.

(B) Please remove '@comment TODO: @item M_CHECK_ACTION' from manual/memory.texi.

OK with that change.

Do you plan to submit a manual update for linux man pages which document mallopt?


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