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Re: [hurd,commited] hurd: fix build with -fstack-protector-strong libmachuser and libhurduser also need stack_chk_fail_local and they do not link against libc_nonshared. * mach/stack_chk_fail_local.c: New file. * hurd/stack_chk_fail_local.c: New file. * mach/Machrules ($(interface-library)-routines): Add stack_chk_fail_local. * mach/Versions (GLIBC_2.4): Add __stack_chk_fail. * hurd/Versions (GLIBC_2.4): Add __stack_chk_fail.

On Sun, 27 Aug 2017, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> +	* mach/Versions (GLIBC_2.4): Add __stack_chk_fail.
> +	* hurd/Versions (GLIBC_2.4): Add __stack_chk_fail.

These changes look suspicious.  debug/Versions already exports 
__stack_chk_fail from libc at version GLIBC_2.4, so I'd expect those new 
Versions entries to have no effect (meaning they should be removed as 
useless).  And any export added at the symbol version for a past release 
needs a more detailed justification given, presumably along the lines of 
"unmodified glibc 2.4 and later releases have not built or worked for 
Hurd, so the de facto GLIBC_2.4 ABI is determined by the binaries people 
have actually been using, presumably Debian, which include that symbol at 
that version (and, hopefully, have done so ever since Debian packages of 

(The missing semicolon at the end of the new Versions entries is also 
suspicious; at least, contrary to the syntax normally used in these 

Joseph S. Myers

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