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[hurd,commited]: Fix static initialization with -fstack-protector-strong

    When linked statically, TLS initialization is not achieved before
    mach_init and alike, so ssp accesses to tcbhead's stack_guard would
    crash.  We can just avoid using ssp in the few functions needed before
    TLS is set up.
            * mach/Makefile (CFLAGS-mach_init.o, CFLAGS-RPC_vm_statistics.o,
            CFLAGS-RPC_vm_map.o, CFLAGS-RPC_vm_protect.o,
            CFLAGS-RPC_i386_set_gdt.o, CFLAGS-RPC_i386_set_ldt.o,
            CFLAGS-RPC_task_get_special_port.o): Add $(no-stack-protector).
            * hurd/Makefile (CFLAGS-hurdstartup.o,
            CFLAGS-RPC_exec_startup_get_info.o): Add $(no-stack-protector).

diff --git a/hurd/Makefile b/hurd/Makefile
index 9205822b24..b44b9b80c6 100644
--- a/hurd/Makefile
+++ b/hurd/Makefile
@@ -81,6 +81,10 @@ $(inlines:%=$(objpfx)%.c): $(objpfx)%-inlines.c: %.h
 	 echo '#include "$<"') > $@-new
 	mv -f $@-new $@
 generated += $(inlines:=.c)
+# Avoid ssp before TLS is initialized.
+CFLAGS-hurdstartup.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_exec_startup_get_info.o = $(no-stack-protector)
 include ../mach/Machrules
 include ../Rules
diff --git a/mach/Makefile b/mach/Makefile
index 127cad00ca..b4f18b1525 100644
--- a/mach/Makefile
+++ b/mach/Makefile
@@ -53,6 +53,15 @@ server-interfaces := mach/exc
 # Clear any environment	value.
 generated =
+# Avoid ssp before TLS is initialized.
+CFLAGS-mach_init.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_vm_statistics.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_vm_map.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_vm_protect.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_i386_set_gdt.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_i386_set_ldt.o = $(no-stack-protector)
+CFLAGS-RPC_task_get_special_port.o = $(no-stack-protector)
 # Translate GNU names for CPUs into the names used in Mach header files.
 mach-machine = $(patsubst powerpc,ppc,$(base-machine))

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